Current Fundraising

We at Seeds of Light believe that every individual has the resources, talents and skills to actualise their purpose. Collaboration and a bit of support can help inspired people to actualise dreams, or get game-changing projects up and running.

Over the past year individuals and organisations have come forward to contribute to our leaders’ projects and to get involved in this exciting initiative. A small contribution often makes a huge difference.

We’re focussing our fund-raising on the following projects which will each have an tremendous positive impact on their communities:



Lekina (on right) in her new drop-in center. The children can fill it once we meet our fund-raising goals!

Lekina Mashile’s commitment to her community continues since her retirement as Vice Principal of Makgaklishe School as she develops her drop-in center for orphans and vulnerable children in Buffelshoek, where she aims to restore hope, improve self esteem and help the children achieve their goals. The Mathomomayo (New Beginnings) Drop-In Centre currently provides three meals per week, homework assistance, life skills education to minimise early childhood crime and substance abuse. The purpose of the Centre is to make children aware of their potential to have a better future. Elderly people in need will also be welcomed to the Centre once it is established to have a meal, spend time with the children, potter in the garden, weave and socialise.

Lekina’s progress is rapid: she located the perfect building which had a vacant wing for her Centre and space for a big vegetable garden and fruit trees. She has negotiated use of this rent-free for five years; has fund-raised to purchase 60 chairs AND arranged for a volunteer crew from Hlokomela to paint the space a vibrant colour! Her organisation has been selected to be part of the Tree-Preneur Program and is growing dozens of saplings in recycled plastic containers. Lekina also secured her Not for Profit registration in record time, so can receive donations. Seeds of Light fundraised to buy Lekina and her team a gas stove and cooking equipment so they could start feeding children.

We want to help Lekina get to the point where her drop-in centre is open for business full time so that the children have a place of safety seven days a week. In the long term Lekina hopes that the Department of Social Development will fund the Centre, but until that happens she is doing whatever she can to put food on the table and keep her volunteer carers on board.

It costs R9,000 per week to fund the current 3 day a week operation – R21,000 per month to run the Centre 7 days. If you have an interest in getting involved with this wonderful project, please contact us, or to support Mathomomayo Drop-In Centre, please click here – you’ll be taken to the donation page on the Seeds of Light website and we will forward your donation to Lekina. Thank you!

Another immediate need is tables and some furniture for the Centre – they do have chairs but need surfaces to work on and shelves to store their books. R10,000 would enable a purchase of 12 steel trestle tables, book shelves and some other furnishings.



Lillian Marule is absolutely committed to the well-being of her community. For a year and a half, she volunteered full time as a carer at Ekurhuleni Centre for Orphans and Vulnerable Children, and also trained as a librarian and worked with a small team to set up and maintain their library. Children adore Lillian – she loves reading them stories and playing games with them. Lillian has now struck out on her own to open a creche in RDP village, where she aims to have a thriving permaculture garden and teach her community about permaculture gardening so that everyone can have a home garden.

Lillian has followed the principles of the Leadership Forum, capitalising on her own assets and resources. On her very small volunteer stipend, each month this year she purchased items that would make her creche a reality: one month ten plastic bowls, then next ten plastic cups for the children to drink juice from, the next an apron and some pots, and finally, the tables and chairs in the picture above. Her daughter Quentan drew the pictures and educational charts for the walls of the creche, and created the decorative curtains out of recycled paper.

Our fund-raising goal for Lillian’s project is R5,000 (US$500) which will enable her to have water on site for the garden, cooking and children’s needs. These funds will put gutters on the roof, build a water tank, purchase wire for a fence to improve security, buy some garden tools and a cooker for the kitchen.  Thank you and congratulations Lillian! May your new venture thrive!



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